Laser Hair removal
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For fast effective permanent hair reduction SHR uses in motion technology. The hair follicles are heated gradually and since the laser is constantly in motion, the treatment area can be bigger and is over more quickly. The superior cooling head ensures that there is only a warming sensation that is often compared to a hot stone massage.




single session laser price


1 small area £15

2 small areas £25

1 medium area £30

1 large area £40

1 Extra large £50

1 full face £40

1 full body £110



6 sessions price 10 sessions 20 sessions


1 Small area £60 £80 £150

2 Small areas £90 £120 £250

1 Medium area £110 £160 £280

1 Large area £200 £300 £550

1 Extra Large £300 £400 £700

Full Face £200 £280 £490

Full Body £450 £700 £1100


Full face includes neck


Pick the package that suits you or mix & match

Small any one area (upper lip, chin, cheeks ,toes, mid brow, forehead, knuckles, toes)

Medium any one area (bikini line, under arms, jawline, neck front or back, hands, shoulders, feet, navel line)

Large any one area (Brazilian, lower legs, half arm, half back, chest, or full stomach)


Xtra large any one area (full legs, full arms, full bikini, or full back)


Full Body includes ( full legs, half arms, Brazilian/Hollywood, Under Arms)



Alternative package deals available to suit individual, please call to discuss


Bikini & Under arms 20 sessions £450

Half leg & Bikini 20 sessions £700

Half leg brazilian & under arms 20 sessions £950




One of these areas:


Small Area cheeks, ears, toes, mid-brow, forehead, knuckles, toes.


Medium Area underarm, jawline, neck hair line front back, hands, shoulders, feet, navel line.


Large Area half arms, top half back, chest, stomach


Extra Large Area full Back including shoulders.


6 session price 10 sessions 20 sessions


1 Small area £80 £120 £180

1 Medium area £110 £170 £300

1 Large area £230 £330 £500

1 Extra Large £290 £450 £750





Using a patented technology, SHR permanently destroys hair follicles by using low fluence repetitive light pulses targeting the susceptible hair follicles.